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ONIRAMA band was created in 2000 at Thessaloniki, where the five original members lived: Theodore, Costas, Dimitris, Dionysis and George. Initially the band was called ‘MIXIN UP THE MEDICINE’, referring to Bob Dylan’s song lyrics and reflected the relatively wide musical spectrum covered by the band. Enthusiasm, their dynamic live performances and interaction with the crowed are the elements that immediately won the audience of Thessaloniki.

In 2003 Chris joined the band and they started performing at Milos, the Shark, the Rodon Club in Athens and at various music festivals. In the middle of that year, the band changed its name to ONIRAMA, a composition of the words “OUR DREAMS”

The performances of ONIRAMA in Thessaloniki were the talk of the town in 2004, while the band was working on his own compositions and looked for record company. Their song “Choros (Close Your Eyes)“ became a hit very quickly .

In January 2007 Konstantinos Rigos directed their first video clip of «Mia Mera tha Ertheis (A day will come)” an adaptation of the famous song of Mike Rozakis, in a new mix. The same year their performance with Antonis Remos in a Secret Concert organized by the music channel Mad was the absolute success! Next step live appearances in Athens, and they recorded their first album. In the summer accompanied Antonis Remos in a tour throughout Greece and abroad. In December 2007 they moved to Athens and performed in Cinema live stage club, in a very short time their show to become the must see musical event in Athens and established their own special mark on the nightlife of the city.

In June 2008 Onirama release their second album titled “Klepsydra”(“Hourglass”). The album’s first single “I Mpalanta tou Trelou”(“The Ballad Of The Insane”) becomes the soundtrack of WIND Mobile’s National campaign. That summer the band went on their second National tour to promote the album. On August 1, they were the opening act in Lenny Kravitz’s concert in Athens. On their last stop of their summer tour they are joined on stage by Danish rock band Grand Avenue. In the meantime they are awarded with a “Mad Video Music Award” and a “Status Men’s Award” for Best Band. The Album “Klespydra” is certified Gold while the title track reaches the number one spot of the National Airplay chart where it remained for nine weeks.

In January 2009 they begin performing at “Anodos Stage” in Athens where once again they draw sell out crowds. In March 2009 the band members are declared as Heralds of Volunteerism for the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held in Athens.In September they were announced among the nominees for Best International Act at the “2009 MTV Europe Music Awards”. In December Onirama headline MAD TV’s Secret Concert singing on stage with guests such as Italian singer Giusy Ferreri, Romanian pop act Akcent, and the Chicago Mass Choir.

In December of 2009, Onirama release their third album titled “Horis Atia”(“For No Reason”) which consists of two new songs and several covers of their previously released songs but this time featuring other famous multiplatinum Greek artists including Dionysis Savopoulos, Aphrodite Manou, Babis Stokas, Stereo Mike, Myronas Stratis, Melina Aslanidou, Georgia Kefala and Andriana Babali.

Three of their songs (“Klepsydra”, “Oti den exeis”, “Paradwsou”) were included in the year-end Top 100 National & International Airplay Chart.

During the winter of 2009-10 Onirama would perform alongside famous greek musician Mihalis Hatzigiannis in Athens.

In April 2010 Onirama headlined Fresh Radio’s 1st Garage Party which drew massive media attention while the performance was later aired on National TV by the country’s number one Television network “MEGA Channel”

In June 2010 they once again won the “MAD Video Music Award” for best band while being among the nominees for six other categories including “Best Song”.

In the summer of 2010 they went on a National tour with Greek pop singer and Helena Paparizou meanwhile recording their fourth studio album due to be released in November 2010 produced by Greg Haver (manic street preachers, Melanie C, catatonia, tom jones)

Overall, ten of the band’s songs have reached the Top 5 of the Nielsen National & International Airplay Charts while two of them have reached number 1.

Both their debut and second album have been certified platinum.

In 2011 Onirama’s radio hit “Ftohos” reached 1.000.000 views in Youtube after a very short period of time since its release.

In June 2011 they won the “MAD Video Music Award” for best band for the 4th time in a row as well as the ‘Best Rock Video Clip Award’.

Onirama perform live in the Closing Ceremony of Special Olympics in Athens receiving special praise for their unique show and for promoting the ideal of volunteering. The same year, the band wrote the soundtrack for one of the most successful movies of the season ‘Nisos 2”.

In fall of 2011, they perform live for a series of special appearances with Sakis Rouvas with a pioneer concept ‘The Underworld S Club’ at Athinon Arena in, Athens. This whole project was really successful and they moved in Thessaloniki to continue performing at Politia.

In May Of 2012, Onirama surprised their fans once again presenting a different show on the beach, for a limited number of appearances, inducting to their unique unplugged show violins and classical instruments. Later this year, the most dynamic Greek band released two new singles ‘Den Iparheis’and ‘Eftihos Trelathika’ receiving special praise for these intense songs.

From February 2013 to April of the same year, Onirama performed in three different cities in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa) uplifting the music mood of their fans.

At the same time, they released their own version of the Italian hit ‘LA DIFFERENZA TRA ME E TE of Tiziano Ferro’ along with a sentimental and cinematographical video clip, reaching and conquering the top places of the radio airplay charts.

In the summer of 2013, Onirama toured all over Greece covering more than 5.500 km in one of the biggest concert tours of all times, in Greece. A total of 20.000 fans in many cities had the chance to party with their upbeat tunes!

In 2014 a new album was released “Methismeno Tatouaz”. Successful live performances took place in Athens, Thessaloniki & Mykonos. The high light of the year was the Ace of Heart Tour, a major production which thrilled the audience around Greece. On December of the same year another unique moment, Thodoris performed in Auditorium Parco Della Musica of Rome with the winner of the Italian X-Factor Nathalie.

Mad Cyprus awarded ONIRAMA with the Best Group Award 2015 in a glamorous ceremony.

The participation of the Thodoris Marantinis at the X-Factor Show, as a judge, the first Onirama concert at O2 Forum – Kentish Town in London, along with the great success of the song adaptation of “To Miden”, of Eleftheria Arvanitaki, make 2016 the most up-lifting year of the band. In July the group leader presented the Super Music Awards in Cyprus, the media comment that he is a natural talent and that the camera loves him.

A new album is preparing and it will be released this winter.



  • Discography: D. Savvopoulos, Ch. Alexiou, A. Remos, Av. Papadopoulos, A. Manou, M. Stokas, N. Ziogalas, pp. Kraounakis, Hope, Children’s Choir Rosarte.
  • Opening Act at concerts: L. Kravitz and special appearance at the Special Olympics 2011 in Athens
  • Live performances with: A. Remo, S.. Rouvas, E. Paparizou C. Mazonakis, M. Chatzigianni, Chicago Mass Choir, Grand Avenue, G. Ferreri, Akcent.
  • Participation in the musical “Narnia” E. Triviza.
  • Participation in the soundtrack of the film “Island 2” and also starred in the opening scene.
  • Participation in the soundtrack of the film “Magic Mirror”, the first Greek 3D movie.
  • The radio hit “Mia Volta (a walk)” became the theme song of the television series “Emmas House“ in MEGA.
  • Theodore Marantinis wrote and composed the official song of the Greek group of Special Olympics.
  • Theodore Marantinis participates as a judge in Greek X-Factor music tv show hosted by SKAI channel (2016).
  • ONIRAMA Performed in O2 Forum – Kentish Town in London (2016).
  • Cooperation with Nakas Music, as Yamaha’s Greek Band Embassador.
  • Theodore Marantinis presented the Super Music Awards of Cyprus in July 2016.


Profile …

Genre: Pop & Rock

  • Five music albums
  • 3 Platinum
  • 1 Gold
  • 4 Single became # 1 in the Greek Air Play Chart
  • All songs of the band for many weeks were the Top 10 of the Greek Air Play Chart
  • More than 2000 live performances! (100 performances a year with an average of 800 people per concert)

Awards – Distinctions

  • Status magazine: Best Musical Group of the Year
  • MAD Awards: Best Musical Group of the Year


  • MTV Europe Music Awards: Nominated in the category Music Group
  • MAD Awards: Best Musical Group of the Year


  • MAD Awards: Best Musical Group of the Year


  • MAD Awards: Best Musical Group of the Year
  • MAD Awards: Best Rock Video Clip
  • MTV Europe Music Awards: Nominated in the category Best Greek Act


  • MAD Awards: Nominations in the categories Best Group and Best Rock Video Clip


  • MAD Awards: Nominations in the categories Best Group and Best Rock Video Clip


  • MAD Cyprus Awards: Best Group


Super Music Awards, Cyprus: Best Group